Replenishment Visits for Razors client in Asda and Boots

Replenishment Visits for Razors client in Asda and Boots


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

We were asked to replenish a range of razors within Asda and Boots stores in order to increase availability and visibility in store to increase sales. We reported low/out of stock products to help increase sales.

Our response

  • Between 1st March and 29th July, eXPD8 delivered a total of 7,523 merchandising visits across Asda and Boots
  • The campaign was adapted in the summer months to incorporate 6 additional SKUs across an increased concentration of visits, due to a client update on seasonal priorities
  • Merchandising of core fixture space was the main priority, however off-shelf spaces were additionally merchandised and included in our reports, to maximise sales for the client and highlight opportunities for alternative spaces in store
  • Interim and final reports highlighted key risks, challenges and successes of the campaign as it unfolded
  • eXPD8 provided images of all spaces before and after eXPD8 replenishment