Sony Pictures Peter Rabbit Launch In-Store

peter rabbit


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Amount of POS sited

Additional results

  • % of Set-Ups completed on day 1: 100%
  • Number of products merchandised on day 1: 36,938
  • POS elements: 32 different POS elements

Our response

  • Carried out risk assessment which included: reviewing stock allocations to ensure healthy representation to fill stock holding units and reviewing historical store data to highlight potential challenges ahead of the release.
  • Social media posts to advertise the release on Home Entertainment including our infamous caption competition!
  • Central office engagement including colouring competitions and even a visit from some real life “Peter Rabbit’s”
  • As well as merchandising the Peter Rabbit set up we also ran a trial to monitor POS placement and longevity for FOS units in a selection of stores.
  • Due to the huge variety of POS and a selection of new space obtained for the launch we had to take this into consideration when briefing the field
  • Visited all stores on Day 1 within the agreed time-frame to ensure all POS was set up and results were fed back throughout the day.
  • Replenishment visits completed ahead of the weekend, and we returned to stores the following week for set up and replenishment.
peter rabbit
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peter rabbit
peter rabbit
peter rabbit