Starlink: Battle for Atlas



Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited

Additional results

  • Number of products merchandised on launch day: 9,000+
  • Number of stores visited (launch): 407
  • % of visits completed on scheduled day: 100%
  • Number of separate products merchandised: 14

Our response

  • Worked closely with Ubisoft, the retailers and the POS Agency for successful implementation with communications starting 6 weeks prior to launch day
  • Briefs for each retailer collated ahead of launch internally at eXPD8 Central Office
  • Our tablet technology allowed for last minute communications so our merchandisers were fully briefed prior to their store visit
  • 400+ stores visited on launch day
  • Full Bay Refreshes were carried out in Sainsbury’s. Merchandisers sited Starlink branded Headers, Fins and Shelf strips to create an entirely Starlink Branded Bay in store
  • Real time data provided to Ubisoft with clear photos and compliance reports by 12pm on launch day
  • Non-compliant stores followed up on to ensure maximum compliance wherever possible
  • Full compliance data reports sent to Ubisoft on Day 2 of the launch with any instances of non-compliance and images for all retailers
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