Successful stock recall from multiple retailers nationwide

eXPD8 successful recall thousands of products across multiple retailers


Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • Over 25,000+ units of product were purchased, returned and verified
  • We were able to report on the quantity of stock at store level and by date
  • All of the stock was recalled within the agreed timescales

Our response

  • We worked collaboratively with the client to develop a comprehensive model that identified a complete store list across all the retailers
  • Our mobile data capture system, MERVE, was used to determine which merchandisers should visit which stores and in what order to drive efficiency in terms of time and cost of mileage
  • We set up a pre-pay process to our merchandisers so they had funds to purchase the stock
  • The merchandisers were fully briefed via tablet technology to undertake the task in hand
  • Our merchandisers then visited all of the retail stores over a four week period and purchased all the stock required
  • They were able to report back instantly using their tablets to provide the central team with real-time data
  • The stock purchased was then send to a central point where we could verify the stock levels returned
  • The stock returned was reconciled against what we pre-paid to our merchandisers
  • The central stock was then counted, boxed and prepared for destruction
  • We were able to demonstrate a clear audit trail of each store visit and provided the client with a report to identify the stock purchased by location and by date