Field Merchandising in 2020? eXPD8 has Vision.

Field Merchandising in 2020? eXPD8 Has Vision.

As a business, we never stop looking forward. In 2020, facing new challenges and responding to opportunities is our modus operandi! We are open and excited for what the year will bring for us and for our clients. Sustainable growth. Faster response rates. More detailed data. We’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding value, as we continue to lead the industry in field merchandising, across every retail category out there. If it can be promoted within a retail environment, with the proper audits and insights to ensure your product is performing as well as it possibly can, eXPD8 are there to provide the diligence and support your business needs.

Always Be Changing (ABC)

No business is static. At eXPD8, we thrive in a fast-moving retail environment. Which is why we take an ABC approach to each and every process. This doesn’t mean we’re always shifting and pivoting our internal processes. That would be exhausting. What it does mean is that we recognise evolution and adaptation is critical to how our clients’ businesses run and how we interact with them. And if our clients are changing, so are we. We are, after all, an extension of their businesses. A trusted field merchandising partner.

Of course, we’ve got a few clever tools to make that possible. And 2020 is the year when it all comes together. From a shiny new CRM system to the real-time recruitment tool, we can ensure that if you need an eXPD8 colleague in a store, anywhere in the UK, we have the instant capacity to deliver… first time, every time. And because we have the best data teams in the business, we’re not just reactive. We’re predictive. We understand your business needs in advance of key events, so the call process is already underway. It’s just how we work.

Defining the Standard

We’ve been doing what we do for over 16 years. You could say we’re getting quite good at it. But for eXPD8, that’s not enough. We don’t just want to hit the minimum standard like other field merchandising companies in the space. We define the standard and we can prove it. We’re now the fully-accredited and preferred supplier for Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. It’s a fact we’re very proud of and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Maintaining that degree of trust and reliability is what sets us apart. We do nothing by halves. We always give 100% and our clients recognise the efforts made by each and every member of our field and account management teams. We’re a people-powered company, which means that everyone goes through a rigorous vetting and training process before joining eXPD8. And while we are looking to scale in 2020, we will never compromise on quality.

Personalised Everything

Indeed, our high quality of service defines us as a business. We know that each one of our clients’ businesses are different. We never a take a one-size fits all approach to the work we do. Everything is bespoke. We excel at tailoring solutions, at scale. Furthermore, we are proud to be a Disability Confident Leader and a fully-inclusive employer. We’ve worked hard to create a work environment that is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities and we’re actively encouraging other employers to do the same.

So, if any of this sounds like your kind of business partner; if you’re reading this, wondering how we can help you achieve your business aims in 2020 and beyond, then please, get in touch today. Whatever your sector; from cosmetics and entertainment to food and beverage, and everything in between, we look forward to meeting you and driving growth across your retail business. Just click here, reach out at or call our Directors Mark Thurgood and Pete Bailey on 0117 403 0405. We’re ready to take your business further.