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We engage with our clients

We LOVE what we do

We work collaboratively

We engage collaboratively with our clients and we are great at finding solutions.

We do what we say and LOVE what we do.

Here's how we do it

Client brief

We listen, we clarify, we analyse, we advise.

Select estates

Our wealth of available data determines our
recommendation of estates and individual stores that
will deliver the required results.

Create brief

A detailed brief is created outlining:

Store information - format, size, equipment & space
Product information - range, SKU, planogram, pricing, stock level, sales density
Question types - numeric, text, photo, digital signature

Select Merchandisers


Our bespoke scheduling and resource planning tool enables us
to identify which merchandisers to select based on experience, training
and geo-code to maximise efficiency and minimise costs and
environmental impact.

Distribute brief

Our tablet technology allows us to publish and update targeted
and dynamic briefs to our secure portal.

Visit stores

Our technology infrastructure records the
time, date and location; it enables our
field teams to take photos, answer call
questions, gather feedback and get digital
sign off.

Upload information


All information is uploaded to MERVE. Reports, photos and
analytics are available in real-time to both ourselves and our
clients via secure 24/7 access to our online portal.

Satisfied customers, more sales, happy clients!

Service excellence, first time... every time!