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eXPD8 Field Marketing Agency provides quality field marketing and retail support services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK and Ireland.

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Mentor Handbook

A mentoring program is only successful with clear objectives and guidelines in place. Our 23-page handbook covers the fundamentals of becoming a successful mentor including how to establish a successful relationship with your mentee, how to structure the program and some useful forms to support both parties in getting the most from the program.

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What we can do for you...

These are just a few of the services we provide.

Merchandising Services
POS Displays & Promotional Campaigns
Performance & Retail Data Analytics
Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance
Product Ordering, Stock Management & Replenishment
Seasonal Support for Campaigns & In Store Promotions
Space Planning, Management & Store Realignment
Stock Checking & Stocktaking
Mystery Shopping
Product Sampling, Demonstrations & In-store Marketing
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