eXPD8 provide product ordering & stock management services for clients

Product Ordering, Stock Management & Replenishment

As part of what we do, clients often ask eXPD8 to manage product ordering.  Our clients trust our familiarity with stores and products to make intelligent orders and adjust stock replenishment levels.

Our field teams will often think about stock levels as a matter of course when merchandising in store.  Thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and custom built MERVE system (our mobile data capture system), these aren’t just judgement calls based on intuition.  Where available we can provide sales data to our field team to enhance their decision making. We work with clients to determine ordering guidelines based on current availability so that we can make intelligent decisions when placing product orders or setting stock replenishment levels.

We can transmit these on demand, and schedule return visits to merchandise the newly delivered products onto the shelf – we take full ownership of maintaining the product presence in the store.

We operate an adaptive ordering system, so we can integrate with our client’s back office functions regardless of the individual ordering format.

Our clients don’t always ask us to order on their behalf – we can simply provide inventory checks on demand so that you can make the decision to send more stock to the store.

If you are interested in working with eXPD8, please get in touch.