MOTH Drinks – Mix of Total Happiness

MOTH Drinks Case Study


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Number of hours

Additional results

As a result of eXPD8’s targeted campaign, MOTH saw
  • +36% sales growth in impacted Tesco stores October > December.
The weekly visits to these stores for 8 weeks continued to keep the on-shelf availability at a stellar 98% with 100% of SKUs in their correct planogramed location. All this despite the huge uplift in sales. As a result of this MOTH continued to see the fruits of eXPD8’s campaign, recording:
  • up to +172% total revenue growth in Tesco stores visited by eXPD8 in Q4
  • +64% increase in ROS in Tesco Express stores from eXPD8 replenishment visits
In fact, the sales uplift was so significant after just 4 weeks of campaign, MOTH elected to introduce the remainder of poor-performing stores and elected to re-visit the initial call list at the end of the campaign. During eXPD8 revisits to the original poor performers, on-shelf availability and planogram compliance had plateaued at a solid 95%.  

Our response

We worked with the client to understand their needs, deploying our team of merchandisers from the top to the bottom of the UK, reviewing the total MOTH ranged estate and executing initial audits of all Tesco Express ranged stores to ascertain the levels of on-shelf compliance/availability.