Incomm Gift Card Support in Sainsburys – Q4


Average compliance achieved
Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • Average compliance achieved: 97% Availability
  • Number of stores visited: 11,825 (Individual store visits – not sites)
  • Amount of POS sited: 6,268
  • Number of Products merchandised: same as ‘Number of products ordered’
  • Number of Products ordered: 2,115,356 units of products sent out to be merchandised
  • % of set ups/visits completed: 99% (with 100% completed in the next 48 hours)
  • 8,698 orders processed and despatched
  • Sainsburys and InComm carried out the following trials to determine if different display and planogram layouts would yield additional sales
    • Digital Screen across 50x stores
    • Planogram Optimisation – 3x different planograms across 33
    • SCO / Greeting Cards Trial across 20x stores
  • Xmas Shipper implementation and replenishment across 146x stores
  • 97% of Health Check visits completed – to maximise availability outside of our core visits
  • New Checkout hooks implemented across the main estate stores with a weekly visit frequency – to ease customer purchasing

Our response

Due to the uplift in customer footfall during peak, eXPD8 were tasked with analysing both the gift card stock required to meet customer demand and realigning our visit frequency to also meet the increased demand / sales in stores. The solution provided was to upweight our visit frequency and increase our stock despatches for the best selling lines. The top 10x products were despatched above and beyond our weekly orders and we also scheduled a second visit for top selling stores during the peak period to maximise product availability. We also supported a number of trials throughout Q4 (in select stores) which allowed Sainsbury’s to trial different planograms / category blocking opportunities to determine the best set-up that would yield additional sales for 2023-2024.