Routes to Retail Entertainment Support in Morrisons


Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

  • Quantity of total visits – 101,000
  • Quantity of Ad hoc set ups – 42
  • Quantity of merchandisers – 550

Our response

  • Before the big launch on June 5th, eXPD8 was already hard at work preparing Morrisons stores. Throughout May, we were busy boxing up old stock and getting ready for a fresh start with Routes to Retail. This meant counting inventory, rearranging shelves, and training staff face-to-face and online through our custom eDUK8 training portal.
  • Once June 5th rolled around, our role expanded even further. In addition to setting up displays and changing out promotional materials, we took on the responsibility of weekly planogram changes, returns, and restocking—all to be completed by 10 am each week.
  • To ensure everything was running smoothly, our data analytics team developed a custom PowerBi dashboard and provided detailed photos through our PXL8 portal. This gave Routes to Retail a clear picture of what was happening in each store and helped them keep shelves fully stocked.
  • One key focus has been tracking out-of-stock products, down to the store and category, by 10 am daily. This data is crucial for Routes to Retail to restock promptly, ensuring customers always find what they need. With tight deadlines and accurate data, we're making sure Morrisons stores are always ready to serve their customers.