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Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
% set-ups/visits completed

Additional results

eXPD8 replenished 4806 units of the 60g bars and 3162 units of the 35g bars Average Compliance Achieved: 94% Products Merchandised :8000 Stores Visited: 326 Set ups completed: 98%

Our response

Our dedicated team successfully visited 326 out of the targeted 332 Asda stores, achieving an impressive coverage rate despite logistical challenges. During these visits, we meticulously merchandised a total of 7,968 Mr Beast Chocolate bars. This involved not only placing the bars on display but also ensuring that the presentation was enticing to customers and that the product was easily accessible. In addition to the physical merchandising efforts, we prioritised the placement of shelf edge labels to enhance customer experience and drive sales. We are proud to report that 94% of the chocolate bars had the correct shelf edge labels in place by the end of our campaign. This high percentage reflects our commitment to detail and accuracy, ensuring that customers could easily identify and purchase their desired products. Our strategic approach and diligent execution have helped to significantly elevate the in-store presence of Mr Beast Chocolate bars, making them more visible and appealing to Asda shoppers across the UK.