Tesco Hotspot Promo Changeover


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Number of hours

Our response

We are proud to represent these great brands: Tesco, W7, Collection, Barry M, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel, Max Factor, Sally Hansen, Revlon. Hotspots must be changed over (completed) on Wednesday and we locate POS sent into store, check previous promo POS is removed, remove it if necessary, and setup new POS. If colleagues do not locate the POS, they must aim to locate on subsequent visit – if not located by first visit of 2nd week (reasonable timeframe to maximise compliance), the advice is to use OneHome to locate. Entry and exit photos are required and we internally feedback any issues and discrepancies i.e. missing elements or misprints in POS.