Korbond Back-to-School



Number of Stores visited
Amount of POS sited
% set-ups/visits completed

Our response

Prior to completing the siting calls we completed a time trial to agree the right time and test for any issues ahead of starting the activity and ensure that we had enough time available to establish the correct location and put back any products that had been dislodged during transit. All stores received a the prefilled Korbond BTS OFD. Our brief was to unpack, insert headers board, place any dislodged shelves and products to the correct position as per the planogram provided. Each OFD was to be sited on the school seasonal aisle or Power Aisle/permanent clothing mat, ideally near school uniforms (if no space available). Any problems and next steps were to be discussed the with the Tesco colleagues, utilising the ‘Inform’ Availability App providing instant information to support improving availability and preventing unproductive time looking for products which are not available in the store and/or warehouse areas. Inform is a mobile application which provides data on any product, in any store, including: • Price (as in CR) • Stock Record • Promotion Details • Last Delivery Info • Next Delivery Info • Daily Sales & Expected Sales • Shelf Facings and Capacity • Product Location in Store (up to 12 locations) • Gap Scan Status