Spiderman NWH


Average compliance achieved
Number of Products merchandised
Number of Stores visited
Amount of POS sited
% set-ups/visits completed
Number of hours

Our response

Discussions started in end January for this launch, so we had plenty of time to capture all details and pre-empt any potential issues. Before launch, we set up 100 pre-awareness standees in Asda (w/c 28th March). On 4th April, we set up and stocked FSDUs, Bumper Units and Event Units in Asda (440 stores in total), FSDUs in Morrisons (350 stores) and HMV. Also set up the titles on the charts and audited the space in all visits, and fixed where required. We followed up with two waves or replenishment calls, one on 7-8th April and one on Monday 11th April. The whole activity lasted 3 weeks.