Performance & Retail Data Analytics

At eXPD8, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data and using that data for insightful reporting and detailed retail data analytics is a cornerstone of all the services we provide to our clients.

Field Marketing Data Capture

Thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and our central MERVE system (our mobile data capture system), our field teams update our records in real time, to ensure that our data is constantly being revised and updated during every store visit and walk-in, regardless of the task at hand.

Integrated with Client Data

We often work so closely with our clients that members of our team are based out of our client’s offices.  We plug data from our clients into our MERVE system to give us detailed insight into the effectiveness of merchandising and promotional campaigns.

We can compare sales data or ePOS data by store – are the Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) displays and promotions or merchandising campaigns driving sales effectively?  We can uncover, diagnose and address issues around:

  • Identifying problem stores & locations
  • Anomalous sales penetration for key products,
  • Measuring trends
  • Comparing base sales between stores
  • Cluster analysis
  • Improving Availability
  • Improving ROI
  • Which cardboard should be invested in further
  • Which SKUs to focus on to ensure 100% sales penetration

Measuring the Effectiveness and ROI of Field Marketing

Our reporting can help validate the effectiveness of our client’s field marketing spend and measure the ROI of every penny spent against sales performance figures, to ensure that money is reinvested in the optimal areas.

Ensuring Representative Field Marketing Auditing and Compliance Checks

Our analytics team can add value to an auditing and compliance checking exercise by identifying key stores to visit based on historical sales and compliance data, or identifying other areas of uncertainty, such as changing the timing of checks to historically compliant stores to ensure that the checks best represent the reality on the shop floor on a day to day basis.

Bespoke Reporting & Consultancy

Our reporting and analytics team can also work as consultants for businesses of any size and sector to identify inefficiencies and propose and implement solutions. We use our years of experience to:

  • Create automation solutions for manual tasks
  • Design efficient processes
  • Custom dashboard and report development for measuring client’s own compliance in store
  • Developing dynamic models for workforce planning or territory planning
  • Geocode/postcode analysis
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Creating seasonal profiles by product, location and store.

If you are interested in working with eXPD8, please get in touch.