Field Visits give a 360° view of Field Merchandising

Merchandising Audits & Planogram Compliance

eXPD8 maximise the effectiveness of our client’s promotions, displays and fixtures through thorough and intelligent auditing and compliance services.

Any field marketing campaigns or promotions are only effective if they are correctly and punctually implemented on location.  eXPD8 can audit and enforce compliance by ensuring:

  • Asset walk-ins and in-store execution
  • Correct stock and re-order levels
  • Correct POS or Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) space, visibility and placement
  • Planogram compliance
  • Merchandising Audits are performed regularly to verify that compliance is being maintained for the duration of the promotion

Thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and our MERVE system (our mobile data capture system), our clients can get real time feedback as our teams work, allowing them to get information quickly and gain real insight into what’s happening in store.

We don’t just audit, in most cases our teams fix any issues on site, updating the system with photographic evidence showing the entry and exit results.

If you are interested in working with eXPD8, please get in touch.