eXPD8 provide retail space planning, management & realignment services for clients

Space Planning, Management & Store Realignment

eXPD8 are a very useful partner to have involved in space realignment or store refitting projects.  We pride ourselves on our extensive, comprehensive store and space data – thanks to our award-winning tablet deployment and locally managed field teams providing real time feedback in stores.  Our clients rely on us to maintain store data, keep those records up to date and advise them on space planning and management in retail stores.

Thanks to our MERVE system (our mobile data capture system), we maintain and refer to meticulously updated macro and micro space information about the stores we work with; what kinds of bays are available, what POS and Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) assets are compatible.  We understand the mechanics of each retail space, allowing our clients to get the right promotions in the right places in the right stores.

We also incorporate our restocking and merchandising expertise to ensure the POS and restocking levels are accurate if a store has just been refitted.  We’re specialists without the responsibilities of store colleagues, allowing us to focus on our client’s specific products or categories to ensure constant compliance and timely deployment.

Our team can adapt to the needs of the project and the space –

  • Space planning in retail stores
  • Checking stores have the right space,
  • Getting involved in refits,
  • Ensuring that new promotions are set up, merchandised and ready for trade when the ribbon is cut the next morning.

If you are interested in working with eXPD8, please get in touch.