eXPD8 to work in partnership with Tesco

Oakwood Distribution merchandising services to be outsourced to eXPD8

eXPD8 has consolidated its Field Marketing services by taking over the merchandising services currently provided to Tesco by Oakwood Distribution, one of its subsidiaries.

This outsourcing confirms eXPD8’s position as the market-leader providing Field Marketing support in the entertainment sector, and further establishes itself across Grocery and other non-food categories. The move will double the size of the business and places eXPD8 as the only Field Marketing provider who is a preferred and accredited partner across three of the UK’s leading supermarkets.

With the focus on developing their in-store service for their customers, Tesco chose to partner with eXPD8 based on their proven performance in Field Marketing and their ability to apply this across other categories in their business.

eXPD8 are a recognised leader in providing professional, high quality Field Marketing support on behalf of many of the leading brands in major retailers throughout UK and Ireland. Its services include product merchandising, compliance audits, POS (point-of-sale) placement and promotional set-ups. The company also offers product ordering, stocktaking, returns management, mystery shopping and one-off tactical support. eXPD8’s success to date has been underpinned by its retail heritage, talented, committed people and a pioneering IT platform.

Since 2008, Oakwood has provided merchandising support in Tesco stores across the UK and brings a wealth of retailer experience to consolidate alongside eXPD8’s existing retail expertise. eXPD8’s partnership with Tesco will provide brands with a comprehensive service offering, combining strength of coverage and a quality service to maximise sales and visibility across all channels.

With the outsourcing, eXPD8 will grow its fully employed and trained field team to over 3,000 people, providing flexibility and coverage for brands and retailers across the entire retail landscape in the UK and Ireland. The two workforces will combine under an enhanced field management structure, to bring expertise and best practice from both businesses, and create a rewarding working environment that delivers a first-class merchandising service for eXPD8’s existing and future clients.

As a fully-accredited partner to Tesco, working across Grocery and General Merchandise categories, eXPD8 will now offer a comprehensive Field Marketing service across the entire Tesco estate from 26th May 2019.

Mark Thurgood, Co-owner of eXPD8 says, “This is a key strategic step in the development of eXPD8 and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Tesco. We are fully committed to driving service excellence within Tesco stores through exceptional store execution, and we look forward to welcoming Oakwood colleagues into the eXPD8 family”.

Tony Hoggett, Chief Operations Officer of Tesco says“We’ve taken this decision in response to changing customer demands and to secure a sustainable business model for the future. Working in partnership with eXPD8 we will be able to offer customers the best product merchandising in store for the long term.  I’d like to thank Oakwood colleagues, who will transfer to eXPD8, for all of their hard work and we will be supporting them through this change.”

If you have any questions in relation to this announcement and the opportunity it could present for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at markt@expd8.co.uk or phone 07831 437 837.

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