Gender Pay Gap Report – 2017

eXPD8 prides itself on treating all colleagues fairly and equally and welcomes the government action on gender pay inequalities in the workplace.

eXPD8 Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

We have reviewed the mean gender pay gap to establish how it arises.  Of our total workforce, 81% are female, 19% male, however when analysing our “top 30” hourly rates for colleagues, 57% are earned by women and 43% by men, so whilst we still have more women than men in the higher earning bracket, it is not in proportion with the overall split of our colleague population.  This is the driver behind our overall gender pay gap.   This is backed up by our median pay gap, which at 0.0%, shows no difference between women and men.

Only a very small proportion of our workforce received a bonus in the last financial year.  The fact that this is such a small proportion of our workforce leads to a very skewed result when reporting by gender.  The mean payment for women was 100.3% higher than for men and the median payment for women was 22.2% higher for women than for men.  We have taken this opportunity to review all the bonuses awarded in the year, and are satisfied that they were awarded based on performance achievement rather than showing a bias towards our female employees.  We are confident that the opportunity to earn a bonus is consistent for both women and men, but note that headline figures are likely to vary greatly from year to year.

I confirm that the data reported is accurate

Paul Roffey

Group Finance Director