People and Inclusion

Valuing Difference

People and Inclusion

eXPD8 is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all our colleagues feel they can be themselves, thrive in their roles and grow in their careers.

We believe diversity is key to making our business unique. As an accessible employer, we recognise and embrace the diversity on offer throughout the workforce, providing a platform for all employees, and ultimately the business, to reach it’s full potential.  The benefits of diversity and equality cannot be fully achieved without creating an inclusive environment. This includes colleagues who are disabled.

We are proud to be a Disability Confident employer meaning we have been certified by the government as actively taking steps to attract, recruit and retain disabled workers.  We understand that some disabled colleagues will need adjustments to help them perform to the best of their ability – these can be changes to the built environment and furniture, the tools and technology they use in doing their job, aspects of the role or working arrangements. Our aim is to become an ambassador and encourage our clients and other organisations we engage with to gain their disability confident status and support disabled people in the workplace.

“As someone who struggles with Dyslexia in the workplace, I have been amazed by the eXPD8 supports Dyslexia in the workplacesupport eXPD8 has shown me since I started. There are still aspects of my role that I find more challenging, but what is great is that the whole team at eXPD8 have made me feel comfortable and supported from the outset. They installed software to help me with spelling, reading text aloud and visual stress, as well as furthering their own knowledge by trying out programmes I have previously used so they could gain a better understanding of how they could support me. Acknowledging when you need additional support is not a weakness, nor is being Dyslexic. Asking for help allows you to tap into positive solutions to achieve your best and let your strengths shine through!” Gill Crouch,  Client Account Handler

Dean has a learning disability, which for him means he needs help and guidance to do most day-to-day things. For Dean, having at job means he has structure to his week, the opportunity to feel valued and be proud of his role and in his own words “I like having a job because it’s good fun, I get to be part of the team and I earn money to go on holidays!”

Hannah Gissing, Team Leader from Brandon Trust Charity who supports Dean said, “I would like to see more employers seeing past people’s disability and recognising that people with disabilities have a lot to offer. I would also like to see employers being more flexible around making reasonable adjustments, to enable disabled people into work.  I am very much in favour of disabled people having the same opportunities as everyone else, and this includes employment. I think it’s fantastic that eXPD8 are giving opportunities to people with disabilities. I wish there were more employers out there like eXPD8!”

Debby Emms, Display Representative at eXPD8

Debby Emms works as a Display Representative in our Field Team: “My life changed 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia; this means I hurt in most of my joints, struggle with sleep, suffer with chronic fatigue and have a poor immune system. Over the past few years as I slowly re-built my life, I have found getting back in to work very difficult.  Since joining eXPD8, they have been willing to understand and work with me regarding my limitations in both hours of work and the types of calls. This is the first time I can be open about my disability and how it effects me without being judged; along with the support from my Team Leader and Regional Manager. My confidence is now building and I am becoming more outgoing.”