Data Centres

Located at Telehouse West, Docklands, London and ServerChoice, Stevenage, Hertfordshire which both have full ISO27001 certification (Datacentre Specification).

ISO27001 is the internationally recognised auditing standard for the management of information security, and is your assurance that Zync has the controls and safeguards in place to meet the highest security standards for your valuable data.

Essential Data is mirrored between these sites to ensure minimum data loss, in the event of an issue.

  • N+1 redundancy in all systems.
  • Data centre power systems have multiple generators with backups, fed by multiple power feeds, all protected by parallel redundant UPS with battery backup.
  • Data centre Environments are kept stable using full data-grade HVAC systems with N+1 redundancy, to maintain constant ambient air temperature and humidity.
  • Other protection systems include early warning fire detection systems, plus fire suppression systems.
  • Multiple layer card access and video and human surveillance maintain comprehensive physical security, along with security staff who are on 24/7/365.


Use VMWare ESX Enterprise & vCloud Director running all of the high availability features including:

  • HA – High Availability – in the event of hardware failure, Cloud Instances are rebooted onto another physical host in the cluster.
  • DRS – Cloud Instances are automatically and seamlessly moved between physical hosts according to resource requirements and availability.
  • vMotion – the ability to move live Cloud Instances between physical hosts for maintenance.
  • Zync software sits on the latest Linux and Windows Server images within the VMWare Enterprise to ensure the best and most reliable performance.
  • All sensitive data is protected with a minimum of 128 bit encrpytion during data transmission.
  • Client data is backed up as a minimum daily and mirrored off-site. (Additional backups available on request).