Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week (14 to 20 May 2018) gave everyone at work the opportunity to reflect on their mental health both in the context of work but also in their own personal lives. It was a lovely opportunity to do things differently, trying out activities that could help balance your day to day life. … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week

eXPD8 embraces GroceryAid Day!

Tuesday 26th April was GroceryAid Day 2022; an important date in the calendar to raise awareness of the free help and support GroceryAid provides all Grocery colleagues. We took over our digital platforms to promote GroceryAid to our colleagues, including our social media pages, email signatures, video call background images, tablet takeovers, Portal and Telegram … Continue reading eXPD8 embraces GroceryAid Day!

Time To Get Creative!

So, the New Year kicked off with the UK’s third (and hopefully final) lockdown, and it’s safe to say that most of us have been feeling a little deflated. We have been back once again to the long, dark evenings sitting on the sofa, endlessly scrolling through our phones. With the extra free time we’ve … Continue reading Time To Get Creative!

Welcome Jess Marsh – eXPD8’s New Resource & Welfare Director

eXPD8 is a people-powered business. As the leading provider of retail support services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK and Ireland, a key aspect of the business is ensuring the right staff are recruited, inducted and engaged at all levels throughout the organisation. So, eXPD8 Co-Founder Mark Thurgood approached Moon Executive Search with … Continue reading Welcome Jess Marsh – eXPD8’s New Resource & Welfare Director

7 Self-care tips for 2019

Self-care is something we should all make part of our daily lives. It’s not only when you’re running on empty that self-care is important, it’s important every day and more so if you have a mental health condition. It can be hard to fit in time for self-care that shouldn’t eat up your day so … Continue reading 7 Self-care tips for 2019

Diversity & Inclusion at eXPD8

The last 12 months have been very significant for eXPD8 for many reasons – we’ve doubled the size of our business after taking over the merchandising services currently provided to Tesco by Oakwood Distribution, have become the only preferred field marketing provider and accredited partner across three of the UK’s leading supermarkets, we’ve moved offices, … Continue reading Diversity & Inclusion at eXPD8

21st Century Working

I was reading an article on Personnel Today (aka the news for HR gurus) ‘How to make home working a success’ and it gave me pause to reflect on how things have changed in the labour market in such a short time.  When I  first started working in the late 90s (not that long ago … Continue reading 21st Century Working

Working with depression

The Beginning Hi, I’m Joe, an IT administrator at eXPD8. I’ve been working here for about 3 months so far and I am very thankful – but it wasn’t always rainbows, happiness, and tablet builds. Let’s go back to a much darker time before I was graced with the bright, orangey light of eXPD8… I’m … Continue reading Working with depression

Say hello to… eXPD8 beauty

eXPD8 beauty is the new name for our reshaped, improved and expanded retail support service, focused solely on supporting beauty and cosmetics brands and retailers across the UK We recognised that there is significant growth opportunity in the beauty and health categories, which has led to the launch of eXPD8 beauty. Having worked across the … Continue reading Say hello to… eXPD8 beauty

Syndicated Field Marketing Solutions – the “New Normal”!!

The current Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the inflexibility of the Dedicated Field Marketing model in contrast to Syndication.  Simplistically, dedicated means working for one brand in many locations, and syndication means working for many brands in one locality. There has long since been a tension between dedicated and syndicated services.   Dedication brings some advantages, particularly … Continue reading Syndicated Field Marketing Solutions – the “New Normal”!!

My First VR Cinema Experience

On a recent trip to Amsterdam whilst taking in the delights of the Netherlands Capital I stumbled upon an interesting little bar located near the epicentre of Central Station. Outside read: EUROPE’S FIRST VR CINEMA €7 THIS MONTH ONLY All my childhood fantasies of becoming a part of my favourite films were suddenly there in … Continue reading My First VR Cinema Experience