eXPD8’s Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022

eXPD8 prides itself on treating all colleagues fairly and equally and welcomes the Government action on gender pay inequalities in the workplace.

We are delighted to report continued considerable progress in eliminating any gender pay gap in our business and proud to remain ahead of the UK average in 2022.

eXPD8 once again reported a 0% median pay gap in 2022, the sixth consecutive year. 

We monitor salaries at all levels to ensure that any differences are performance-based rather than gender-based and therefore we do not have a gender pay gap when it comes to colleagues within the same job banding.  Our mean Gender Pay gap has been consistently reducing as we have increased the proportion of female colleagues in more senior positions.  This year has also seen an increase in percentage of Women in the top 30 Earners, up 3% from 2020, which stood at 74%, helped by the hiring of a woman as our new Managing Director.

The mean UK Gender pay gap is 5.45% and the Median is 9.71%, which puts eXPD8 far ahead of the average employer at 2.1% and 0% respectively.

This is a key measure for eXPD8 and is expected to improve again once the numbers are published for 2023.


The headline numbers quoted with regard to gender pay are those for hourly pay.  The “mean” value calculates an average hourly rate for both male and female colleagues, whereas the “median” value is the mid-point pay rate for our colleagues

Mean Gender pay gap in hourly pay2.1%
Median Gender pay gap in hourly pay0.0%
Mean bonus Gender pay gap0.0%
Median bonus Gender pay gap0.0%
Proportion of colleagues receiving bonuses0.0%0.0%
Proportion of colleagues per pay quartile:FemaleMale
Lower Quartile80%20%
Lower Middle Quartile80%20%
Upper Middle Quartile78%22%
Upper Quartile85%15%
“Top 30” earners77%23%

Steven Farrell

Group Finance Director