eXPD8 Field Marketing

eXPD8 Field Marketing Agency provides quality field marketing and retail support services to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers across the UK and Ireland.

With solutions to meet a wide range of field marketing needs, eXPD8 services are designed to improve your product's availability, maximise display compliance, increase brand awareness and ensure that your profits meet and exceed expectations.

Our Field Marketing Services include Product Merchandising, Compliance Audits, POS Placement and Promotional Set-Ups. In addition, eXPD8 offers Product Ordering, Stocktaking, Returns Management, Mystery Shopping, and One-Off Tactical Support. These service modules can be combined to form a packaged field marketing solution designed so suit your individual business requirements.

Every eXPD8 employee in our Mobile Workforce carries a handheld device to record calls and to capture and relay data in real time to our clients, enabling them to analyse results and take proactive action where required. All our employees are highly trained and work to deliver a professional field marketing service "first time every time". The commitment to our workforce is underpinned by our management style and approach.

We pride ourselves on our "industry-leading" compliance rates and encourage prospective clients to make contact with existing ones - we see them as our best ambassadors and feel confident they will provide a supportive endorsement.

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